18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-002-4-Exterior Front 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg

18405 Rio Chama | SOLD

Most amazing home in the Highland Lake section of Sweetwater. Incredible designer upgrades including wood floors, granite counters and plantation shutters. Lush landscaping with sprinkler system front and back. Oversized garage with incredible storage system. Vaulted ceilings with a wine room and dedicated office. Sweetwater has incredible amenities including trails and community pool. Award winning Lake Travis ISD Schools. Asking $458,000.

Four bedrooms | Three and One Half Baths | Three Living | Two Dining

Over $50,000 in upgrades including but not limited to:

Wine Cellar

Wired for exterior speakers back patio

Gas outlet for outside grill

Ceiling garage storage

Exterior fan back patio

Granite counter tops

Raised vanity

Extra landscaping (Trees, grass and shrubbery)

Detailed ceiling work

Painting (x3 rooms)

Pendant lighting

Privacy fencing

Exterior plantation shutters

Interior shutters

Lighting fixtures (master bath)

Framed mirrors

Versaille front door

Added medicine cabinet (master)

Filtered waterWood floors

18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-002-4-Exterior Front 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-001-8-Exterior Front 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-003-21-Exterior Front 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-004-10-Exterior Front 04-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-006-6-Exterior Front 07-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-005-2-Exterior Front 05-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-007-3-Exterior Front 09-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-008-37-Exterior Front 11-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-009-1-Exterior Front 13-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-010-9-Exterior Front 14-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-012-26-Exterior Front 17-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-011-12-Exterior Front 15-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-013-15-Family Living 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-014-11-Family Living 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-016-5-Family Living 04-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-015-7-Family Living 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-017-16-Formal Dining 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-018-24-Formal Dining 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-019-14-Foyer 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-020-20-Foyer 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-021-18-Foyer 04-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-022-17-Foyer 05-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-023-19-Foyer 06-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-024-39-Kitchen and Breakfast 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-025-43-Kitchen and Breakfast 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-026-27-Kitchen and Breakfast 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-027-28-Kitchen and Breakfast 04-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-029-22-Kitchen and Breakfast 06-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-028-13-Kitchen and Breakfast 05-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-030-42-Living Up 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-031-35-Living Up 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-032-52-Living Up 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-033-53-Master 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-034-23-Master 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-035-36-Master 04-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-036-30-Master 05-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-038-48-Other  Mud Room-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-037-49-Master 06-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-039-29-Other Bath 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-040-45-Other Bath 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-041-38-Other Bath 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-042-25-Other Bed 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-043-31-Other Bed 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-044-54-Other Bed 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-046-34-Rear Exterior 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-045-33-Rear Exterior 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-047-50-Rear Exterior 05-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-048-47-Rear Exterior 06-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-050-51-Rear Exterior 08-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-049-40-Rear Exterior 07-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-051-41-Rear Exterior 09-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-052-46-Rear Exterior 11-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-054-32-Rear Exterior 14-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-053-44-Rear Exterior 13-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
18405 Rio Chama Ln-MLS_Size-055-55-Rear Exterior 15-1024x768-72dpi.jpg