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6103 Dedham | SOLD

This classic Circle C traditional is truly one of a kind with a twist. A former model for the neighborhood, this home has been updated with over $150,000 in upgrades. Including, but not limited to: kitchen, all bathrooms, flooring, decking, landscaping and plantation shutters throughout. The materials are stunning with marble, granite, glass tiles and wood floors. The large, open floorplan allows everyone their space to spread out and make this house a home. Pride of ownership is obvious at every turn.

Located very close to the Circle C Swim Center on La Crosse where, as a homeowner, one can swim year round (minus a few holiday breaks) and hosts a Select Swim Team that trains year round. You are a short distance to incredible retail and restaurants along with miles upon miles of hiking and jogging trails. This house is an oasis, a mere 20 minutes to downtown Austin.

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6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-006-8-Family 207-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-007-7-Family 208-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
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6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-012-6-Formal Area 573-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-013-15-Formal Dining 374-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-014-22-Formal Dining 375-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-009-23-Family 210-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-015-52-Foyer Hall 438-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
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6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-017-28-Kitchen and Breakfast 906-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-021-20-Kitchen and Breakfast 911-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-020-9-Kitchen and Breakfast 910-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-022-29-Kitchen and Breakfast 912-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
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6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-023-14-Kitchen and Breakfast 913-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-025-42-Kitchen and Breakfast 915-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
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6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-027-16-Kitchen and Breakfast 917-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-029-18-Living Up 280-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-030-17-Living Up 281-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-031-27-Living Up 282-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-034-34-Master 453-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-032-21-Living Up 284-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-036-38-Master 455-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-035-35-Master 454-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-038-40-Master 458-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-037-51-Master 457-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-041-31-Other Beds and Baths 015-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-042-39-Other Beds and Baths 016-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-039-49-Master 459-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-043-59-Other Beds and Baths 017-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-044-37-Other Beds and Baths 018-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-045-50-Other Beds and Baths 019-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-047-41-Rear Exterior 670-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-048-43-Rear Exterior 672-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-050-45-Rear Exterior 677-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-049-54-Rear Exterior 676-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-052-56-Rear Exterior 681-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-051-36-Rear Exterior 679-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-054-47-Rear Exterior 687-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-055-61-Rear Exterior 683-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-053-44-Rear Exterior 682-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-058-57-Twilight 002-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-057-55-Twilight 003-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-059-60-Twilight 004-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-061-48-Twilight 005-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
6103 Dedham Ln-MLS_Size-060-53-Twilight 006-1024x768-72dpi.jpg